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A struggling Hollywood actress has a sideline, working through the night to support her dream.

Paul Greengrass (Bourne Identity, Captain Phillips) said "White featured great improvisation and really transported the viewer into the LA street world. Great authenticity and bite, and in a good way left me wanting more."

CAST (In order of appearance) Tamzin Brown, Sharon Fane, Brian Lally, Richard Reens, Gina Lia, Guillaume Dabinpons, Andy Gates, Sandra Seeling , Artie Ahr.

Director of Photography: Rainer Lipski
Sound: Kevin Coons
Sound Design: Gernot Fuhrmann
Music: Peter Beckwith
Production Co-ordinator: Elizabeth Boag
Directed by : Dean Loxton
Produced by Tamzin Brown.

2013 Detmold International Short Film Festival (Germany)
2013 Concorto Film Festival, Pontenure (Italy)


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