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Tonny is a shortfilm (21:19) by danish director Jesper Vidkjær Rasmussen.

Press, media and distribution: Rune Lünell (rune@lynfabrikken.dk)

The film and its entire content is the copyright–protected property of Jesper Vidkjær Rasmussen (jespervidkjaer@gmail.com). It is posted here by his permission and intended for viewing at the Vimeo website only. Any other distribution of the material is a violation of the copyright owner's material and immaterial rights.

Cast and crew details:
Cast: Mads Koudal, Pernille Vallentin, Kristian Ibler, Mikkel Vadsholt
Director: Jesper Vidkjær Rasmussen
Writer: Rune Lünell, Jesper Vidkjær Rasmussen
Producer: Laura Gazi
Cinematography: Søren Hiorth
Editor: Thomas J. Mikkelsen and Mik Fogh
Music: Kristian Humaidan
Sounddesign: Søren Vesterbak


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