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To The Grit


Cast and Crew
Production Company: The Friction (the-friction.com)

Eva-Maria Dierkes as Runner
Ulf Groote as Balcony Guy
Nils Rusche as Guy in Hoodie

Director & Producer: Ivy Jelisavac
Narrator: Meww Gómez
Cinematographer: Ulf Groote
Editor: Adrian Hollmann
Colorist: Francesco Faranna

Music “Covered in Oil” by Broke For Free (brokeforfree.com/)


Life is hard. Love can suck. We raise our glasses in a toast to those who decide to take another leap of faith:

“To The Grit” (1:15 min runtime) is a tribute to the courageous, directed by Ivy Jelisavac.

As the saying goes “fall down seven times, get up eight” - perseverance is at the heart of everything that leads to success.

I believe that this film can be the gasoline to your vehicle, the kerosene to your lamp - but the best advice can’t be taken if it’s never heard.


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