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The Dragon with The Girl Tattoo

Serbian, english subtitle
Fantasy, Biography

Cast and Crew
Cast: Milan Pjević Čupa, Anika Lehki, Nemanja Janičić, Petar Đapić, Petar Bogdanović, Đorđe Dragićević, Darko Purić, Marija Stojiljković, Igor Lehki, Sofija Sretenović, Nebojša Radivojević, Petar Đurđević, Mirko Radeka, Nikola Plančak, Marija Pražić, Radoš Marsenić, Mladen Miljanović, Zoran Vasiljević, Danica Subotički, Mina Jovanović, Andrija Krstić, Ana Mladenov, Aleksandra Marković, Anđela Kuzmanović, Sonja Vratonjić
Director: Miloš Milošević
Screenplay: Miloš Milošević and Jovana Popović
Director of photography: Igor Marović
Art director: Sanja Bulat i Sibin Aćimović
Costume: Sanja Milenković
Editor: Miloš Milošević i Žarko Brecl
Sound design: Nikola Janković

Well known story of Beauty and the Dragon, this time told no lies and embellishments.

The film follows the life of an actor during and after the play, and tries to answer the question of how many characters that we play in our daily lives corresponds to what we really are.

Based on true characters and events. The Dragon with The Girl tattoo is story of aging amateur actor, Chewbacca, played by himself, who have been played lead roles in more than 3000 plays in more than 40 years but never was able to reach real fame and acknowledgment for his work. For number of plays and years of career he is real phenomenon among European amateur actors.

Similar to its main character's life, this movie is made entirely of love and enthusiasm of young film crew, without any help and funding. Director takes unique experimental story telling approach mixing film forms and genres as well as fiction, imagination and reality, creating an entirely new experience of the conventional elements.


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