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The Bull and The Bass


Cast and Crew
This film comprises of my Grandfather, Frederick Roy Hyman's found and restored 16mm footage, and interviews with my Mother, his daughter, Karen Hyman.

“The Bull & The Bass” is comprised of 16mm restored footage and intimate interviews. In this documentary, set in 1940s Britain: a Jamaican immigrant tries to balance dreams and reality when he is stuck between fatherhood and being a jazz musician. It’s told from the perspective of his daughter, and is as much her story as it is his.

This film has screened at a few small festivals but I’m hoping to get it to a wider audience who’ll be really interested in a piece of untold Black British history. At its core it’s an intimate film about knowing who you are and never quite knowing someone else. It’s deeply personal, at times funny, and a story I think many will relate to.



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