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Tamil short film

Pozhuthoru Vannam

Tamil Psychological Drama Pozhuthoru Vannam is an offbeat Tamil Short Feature which deals with a distracted man's struggle to regain his focus power. Cast and


Tamil Drama A boy interested to study but the family members are uneducated so they instructed to go for a job to earn money. also


Tamil Horror/Thriller Synopsis Poodagam is a twisted tale involving an actor, director and producer.What's reality? What's not? Cast and Crew Starring : Santhosh Kumar, Udayakumar,Jacob

MUSICIAN (13:666)

Tamil HORROR ( when you think god, he is closer to you than your self, when you think DEVIL?? ) The image is purposefully very

Thatha Vidu

Tamil HORROR Cast and Crew Only one person acting derection and all name it is a selfie movie that person name is LAAJI Synopsis This


Tamil Comedy Movie revolves around a graduate ( Ravi ) who suffers unemployment . Under pressure he takes a different route in life which affects

Varaivu Kadaadhal

Tamil Comedy Murugan is a software engineer, who goes to his dad's village to attend a marriage function, as his mom compells him. He finds

The Queen

Tamil Thriller A writer's conversation during a game of chess which unveils about his life and problems. Cast and Crew Cast: Vignesh, Meghna, Kavin Written

A Lego Cop Story

Tamil Animation A crook is in jail and two of his friends are trying to save him. Did they save him ? Or did the


Telugu Promotion Telugu Love Cast and Crew Presents : Shri Kishore Producer : Sindhu Choudary Cast : Jo Chivukula Kaushik Puranam Editing : Mohan Das