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Official Selection

Shelf Elf

Hang your stockings. Say your prayers. This is Shelf Elf. A home invasion horror/comedy based on that little creep that floods your Facebook and Twitter


A short film about the creation of a navigational device. The entire film was created solely by one person. Oliver Efesopoulos: Director Oliver Efesopoulos Writer

Cheap Girls – “Slow Nod”

Music video for Slow Nod by Cheap Girls, track 1 from their album Famous Graves. Brett Smith Director Shelf Elf, Raw Brains Brett Smith Writer


::: Subtitled in: English, Spanish, Italian, portuguese, Hebrew ::: A mockumentary, detective-drama-comedy short film. Made as graduation project of students from IMPRO Acting school in


A young woman doesn't take her Schizophrenia medication and deals with seeing the images of her deceased parents. Justin D. Sims: Director Coping, This Night

Who is Riley Oakes?

Two high school slackers stumble upon a discarded set of old reel-to-reel tapes, labeled 'Riley Oakes'. When they listen to the voice on the tapes

Beautiful Butterfly

A Vietnam veteran's forty year search to deliver his best friend's last letter to his adopted daughter is finally over. But his message is not


Ballerina named Mona during her rehearsals on stage sees a girl who looks similar to her. Mona runs to meet her. The girl leaves. Following

Missing Love

Adam and Olivia are happily married until a fateful day When Adam realizes his wife Olivia is missing. The story trails Adam's effort to find


An existential film about a battered woman turned sociopath. Belle becomes a wicked puppet master who pulls the strings of everyone around her, manipulating them