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After twenty five years Cathy returns home to confront her abusive father; only she's too late and he’s already dead. Seeking justice she commits to

The Colour of Life and Death

The film follows 'Thief' as he tries to escape a dystopian environment where life can be taken from criminals and bought by the rich, greater

Without a Sound

In a world without sound a family man is struck by a vehicle one afternoon, causing him to gain the ability to hear. In an

Baits and Hooks

Two fishing buddies, Big brother and some fish stew. BAITS AND HOOKS is a black comedy inspired by the style oft he Czech New Wave

The Hero That Here Lies

We often hear of children 'coming out' to their parents. What if it were reversed? What if the father came out to the daughter? How

Circus Song

"So we call the circus our world, it is our little world. Beyond the fence is the world, the actual world; on this side of


One day, at the front, when a heavy fight takes place, Pieter watches anxiously back at his live, like the fear for telling the girl


This story is ; an orphaned , and grandmother live with a girl , in the metropolis in the stage show makeup artist , and

Sky is not empty!

For centuries, the people of the North of Iran use traditional ways of hunting birds (catching quietly), but the way of hunting called Doma or

Triangles of Happiness

Hanne and Carsten are desperately trying to keep up with the illusion of a happy family life to their nosy neighbors. They used be just