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Hindi Short Film

It’s Your Choice

Hindi Social People litter on the road when they have a dustbin just 2 steps away...we always have two choices and we choose the one...Its

Daulat (Wealth)

Hindi Drama Daulat is story of failed person who is confronted by his family. Frustrated by the failures in his life he takes a very


Others Hindi thriller Synopsis This short film, Selfieism converse about an average Indian citizen, who only intent to eliminate the injustice and violence happening in


Others HINDI EVERY STORY WITH LOVE IS NOT SUCCESSFUL IT DEPENDS!!!!!!!! Synopsis THE DEBUT is a enhancing short film by deepuu about love with clear

The Woman Who Ate My Cake

Hindi Inspirational A couple who returns from movie. Suddenly the wife realize that her daughter must be hungry. She offered her a cake to eat

My name is Daud

Hindi Action drama Cast and Crew CASTING-Shayak Roy,Jaba Sharma,Nilotpal Chatterjee,Subham Bhattacharya,Nirvan Choudhury. CREW- Director,Screenplay Writer,Editor-Nirjhar Mitra Story and Dialogue Writing-Nilanjan Chakraborty,Shayak Roy and Nirjhar Mitra