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English short film


English drama, comedy, coming of age Synopsis a search for love leads to self discovery Cast and Crew written and directed by Cole Mitchek acoustic


English Drama Synopsis A portrait of youth and loneliness, freedom and heartbreak. Desperate for love and attention, Rory struggles to keep control of her life,

Mary No More

English Drama Synopsis A contemplative coming of age drama. With her grandmother's impending death, 18 year old Mary finds it difficult to connect, instead growing

Loop Soup

English Comedy Synopsis "Connie cooks up a sight for sore eyes." LOOP SOUP is a surrealist comedy about feeling broken and incomplete, and the oftentimes


English Silent Short Film Synopsis A disabled man and few young kids share their love to each other. Cast and Crew Directed: Siva Sankar Starring:


Awaken English A young Brian(Corey Bangi) struggles to deal with the death of his father begins to see strange string like creatures flying through the

Red Pill Blue Pill

English Drama JS aka The Best releases the 1st visual “Red Pill Blue Pill” which tells the story of 2 kids from different areas of

Urban Animal

English drama Mark goes out for a morning run in the forest and after he trips over a fallen tree and passes out, someone who

The Whisperers

English Horror On a quiet night in October 1995, two young brothers, home alone and grounded for fighting, must uncover the source of strange, unintelligible

He Will Come for You

English Horror One man's descent into madness as he is terrorized by an unknown figure from his mysterious past. Cast and Crew Young Man -