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English short film

Dear Dad

Genre: Drama Studio: Filter Productions Plot Outline: Sarah, has her own way of making people realize their mistakes. When Rick (a 30-something, single dad) discovers

Nepenthe (drama comedy short)

The prospect of madness can be terribly seductive... https://www.facebook.com/Nepenthemovie ALEX LE as BOB OMAR GALLEGOS as RUPERT JERRY PHANH as JAMES BILAL JOHNSON as LYLE

The Waters Echo

The Asking Room – iPhone film festival

The Asking Room (iPhone short film) English Psyco-Thriller Cast and Crew The Asking Room (iPhone short film) A man is being interrogated about a double

Vulture Hunter – English Short film

A short film about Sociopaths.Takes place in a mental asylum.Your feedback is important.So,do comment. We recommend you to Watch it in HD,and use Headphone/Earphone .

The Last of Us Fan Film

The Last of Us Fan Film English Survival post-apocalyptic Fan Film Cast and Crew Everything you know and love...has come to an end.  Most of

Grand Theft Auto: RISE

ttp://www.GevorgKarensky.com A rise of an underground protagonist hero. He has a long path down a tunnel with no light at the end. Live action short

The keyhole

An adaptation of an old ghost story called "White With Red," (found at creepypasta.com) a young man checks into a hotel, only to share a


A Short Film By Alberth MG Based on a short story by Robert Maitland and Screenplay by Robert Maitland. Starring Alan Maclean and Sandy Jack


Official Plot Synopsis: "A man on a business trip starts having surreal dreams of a mysterious woman that he thinks he is simultaneity seeing around