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English short film

The Contract

English Thriller Synopsis James learns that the parties must obey the terms written in the contract and perform their contract duties as stated. Failure to

Black and Blue

English Drama Synopsis This unlikely detective duo attempt to solve a major crime and find common ground. Will they make it through the day or


English Drama Synopsis A short about how the bravest thing any of us ever does is reveal ourselves to another person--and how that's also our


English Thriller Synopsis Dare you look at your other side? When Neil meets Heather it is love at first sight... They enjoy a whirlwind romance

Everyday Planning My Escape

English Experimental, Suspense Thriller Synopsis Everyday Planning My Escape is an experimental short film about a young male figure trying to escape his environment to

Street Meet

English Romantic Comedy Synopsis Kathryn met Sam on a busy downtown street, and he swept her off her feet with a simple question: ‘Beautiful day,

1500 Words

English Comedy When Stanley Franks is told he has 1500 words left to live, he faces a battle to keep both his marriage and himself


English Drama/Mystery The depths of insanity are explored by a man who confronts an irremovable stain. Cast and Crew Crew Writer/Director/Editor: Aren Ambar & Erik

Eyes of Isaac

English Drama Synopsis "When Isaac hears voices in his head, it's not because he's crazy." Isaac's clairvoyant curse drives him against the clock to stop


English Drama Synopsis Elisa and Sean's life wasn't going in the direction they had hoped, but after trying to change and move on together, the