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The Contract

English Thriller Synopsis James learns that the parties must obey the terms written in the contract and perform their contract duties as stated. Failure to

The Watcher

A man learns to never clown around. Isaac Rodriguez Director Delirium Isaac Rodriguez Writer Cynthia Bergen Producer Delirium Matt Kreger Key Cast Gloria Bueno Key

The Cop Cam

Isaac Rodriguez Director Isaac Rodriguez Writer Key Cast Billy Necessary Emanuel Bermudez Cynthia Bergen FX Makeup Daniel Rodriguez Assistant Production Jolene Blakely Director

Everyday Planning My Escape

English Experimental, Suspense Thriller Synopsis Everyday Planning My Escape is an experimental short film about a young male figure trying to escape his environment to


Others Hindi thriller Synopsis This short film, Selfieism converse about an average Indian citizen, who only intent to eliminate the injustice and violence happening in

Stranger At My Door

English Thriller A woman is trapped in her apartment by her own fears cleans obsessively all day. A stranger who claims he is an acquaintance


English Thriller Jess protects her sister from beyond the grave by switching her from various dimensions so that the current dimension remains safe, however, with

The Queen

Tamil Thriller A writer's conversation during a game of chess which unveils about his life and problems. Cast and Crew Cast: Vignesh, Meghna, Kavin Written


English Drama-Thriller Synopsis A modern take on Aesop's fable and the two brother's who learn from it. (The frog and the scorpion.) Cast and Crew

The Straight and Narrow

English Thriller Short Film Emily struggles with important life choice's concerning money, hope, trust and fear. Official Site: tsanmovie.com/ Credits : tsanmovie.com/filmmakers/