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Awaken English A young Brian(Corey Bangi) struggles to deal with the death of his father begins to see strange string like creatures flying through the


English Sci-Fi Animation Synopsis In this animated CG short, an astronaut embarks on a deep-space mission to find alien life on a distant planet. Cast


English Science Fiction Drama Synopsis Retrofit is set in the near future, when death is just a new beginning for those who can afford it.

Dear Lucas

English Sci-Fi DEAR LUCAS is a science-fiction short film. It combines fantastical futuristic elements and simple human emotion in the tradition of Gattaca, Another Earth

The Brain Hack

English Sci-Fi / Horror Two students create a short-cut to induce hallucinogenic visions of God, and find themselves hunted by a deadly religious sect. Cast

Lena’s Complicated Machine

English Sci-Fi Three years after her partner's untimely death, Dr. Lena Thierry, a neuroengineer, has been unable to move on. After years of research and


English Promotion Science Fiction Cast and Crew Written & Directed by Rick Lord Starring Rick Lord, Phoebe Jacobs, Tim Mark Wade, Tracy Wachter Webber, Edward

Beyond Rebirth

English Promotion Sci-Fi Action Cast and Crew Director, Cinematographer, Editor, VFX: Philip R. Forteza Starring: Jonathan Tran, Henry Arnsten, Richard Forteza, Chloe Xu, Robbie Corrbet,


English Promotion Fantasy/Science Fiction Cast and Crew C R E D I T S CAST (in order of appearance) Homeless Man - Michael Roberts Mother


English Promotion Sci-Fi Cast and Crew Directed by Juan F. Orozco Written by Esteban Orozco Produced by Natalia M. Orozco, Juan F. Orozco, Esteban Orozco