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Love's in the air for Jane and John. But when their inner-voices get involved, the budding romance looks like it might falter before it even

Strayed Outta Compton

An evening of wine and cheese takes a turn for the worse after a group of yuppies decide to watch Straight Outta Compton. Jim Whipple

No Love For Fuckboys

  A visual odyssey into love, dating, and sex post-trauma. Director Biography - Ricardo Bouyett Ricardo Bouyett is a photographer and filmmaker passionate about telling stories

On Sunday

An old man and his dog make their routine walk to the isolated clifftops of deepest Cornwall...but this time they're not alone. Director Biography - David


Stalled tells the tense story of a scummy defense attorney who finds himself trapped in a bathroom stall with an armed and desperate young man.


  After his wife leaves him, a junk artist from a small town decides to finally do something with his life and looks to the

The adoption of my child

One year after his daughter run away, Evan kidnaps Lily and his mind adopts the idea that she is his daughter. Director Biography - Savvas Christou

Thanks For Everything

After a series of coincidences two strangers happen to meet on a deserted bridge at night. They have little in common but they do share


GF is the story of Anita, an LA Native who's just lost her best friend (She didn't die, they just don't talk anymore). Looking to


Debut short film of Portuguese multi award-winning CalArtian Sara Eustáquio, directed at 16. Synopsis Inspired by true events, '4242' is a cinematic interpretation of a