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See Sea

See Sea

Cast and Crew
Direction : Soubin Nath
Written : Suhail Addul Hameed & Soubin Nath
Camera & Edit : Joiet Joseph
BGM & SFX : Shamej Shreedhar
Cast : Hrithik, Sreeraj

– “Since I hear with my eyes, you will see with your ears” – it’s about world which created through insight that merges the dreams of two. When there is exact love and passion, it can break all barriers of limitations.
This concept has tried to narrate as choosing a small boy as the central character and visualized his small world and its activities. The period and properties has directed in such a way to stimulate the central concept of film. ‘Sea’ has also played a significant role in the film in the visual and sound platforms of the cinema.
Anyway ‘Sea’ denotes to sound and ‘See’ co-notates to vision in the film. That’s “See Sea”.


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