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Rosy Theatre Kanapur

Romantic comedy
Set in the 1980s, 'Rosy Theatre, Kanapur' is a coming of age story of a 14 year old Indian boy and the many obstacles he faces to see his first porn film in a theatre.

Bharat’s hormones are raging and he cannot help but notice women as just their various body parts. His initial curiosity and enjoyment turn to frustration and lead him to the local porn theatre in Kanapur which allows him to see women and girls in totality.

Cast and Crew
starring Karthik. Music composed by Dew Drops Team, screenplay by Aparna Malladi & Bobby Rao Kanaparthi. dialogues by Lakshmi Kanth, sound by Karunakar, cinematography by Eshwar Yellumahanthi, production design by Jai Shekar,Director by Bobby Rao Kanaparthi


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