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Romeo in search of Juliet

“Romeo in search of Juliet”…
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Creative Artists of Omaha
Direction/Screenplay/Cinematography/Edit­­ing/VFX – Saisrikanth Chillara
Cast – Dinesh Killana, Shwetha Bhaskara, Monica Zimbelman, Chaitanya Killana, Sridhar Konda, Raj Duddu, Bhuvanesh Lal, Karthik Valapala, Samy
Story – based on “Love Sic” by Kevin Lacy
Dialogues – Dinesh Killana
Produced by – Subhalakshmi Srikanth & Chaitanya Killana
Background Score – PremiumBeat (see detailed credits at the end of the movie)
Sound Mixing – Saisrikanth Chillara
Costumes / Makeup – Subhalakshmi Srikanth, Chaitanya Killana

Technical Details:
Shot entire on 5D Mark III with ML Raw workflow. Resolve, Premier, AE


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