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Roller King

Narrative/Music Video

Cast and Crew
Writer/Director: Jon Walkup & Kenneth Beckerdite
Produce by: Juan Rincon & Craig McCall
Executive Prod. Keaton Landis

Kenneth Beckerdite
Jon Walkup
Richard Eggly
David Moore
Cheyann Dillon
Bianca Stitch
Selena Solis
Slick Moranis
Danielle Audus
Seye Ogunnaike

Our story takes place in the San Fernando Valley and follows a violent, drug selling, roller skate gang known as The Fangs. Dressed in matching tank tops with 80's roller skates, they drag a savage rebellion wherever they roll.

After hearing of a mysterious briefcase owned by a rival roller gang called Satan's Bunnies, the Fangs decide to see what all the fuss is about.

Trailer 1: http://vimeo.com/84474326
Trailer 2: http://vimeo.com/84453307

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RollerKing10



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