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Melodrama, Neo-Noir, Crime

Presented in a non-linear order, Reformation follows the story of Bryan, Rachel, and Marcus. Bryan is handsome, successful, and has a loving daughter, Katy, with his beautiful wife Rachel. Marcus is an arts dealer and a family man who has accomplished a great deal of success in recent years. The three collide in one tragic event, shattering their lives and consciences, pushing them into a world of rage and self destruction. As the three sink further into the path of their memories, they seek an impossible redemption far too gone to revive.

Cast and Crew
Ty Trumbo, Ida Nilsen, Kevin Keller, VaLynn Rain, Danny Hansen, Morgan Galavan, Tasha Danvers, Beau Berglund, Alexa Blanks, Vincent Zapicchi, Joshua-Kai Dawson, Peter Holt, Charlies Cofran, Sandy Martinez, Guillermo Ulysses, Maureen Wilde, Beckett Haight, Nick Kramer, Ethan Lipman, Kay Donato.

Production Crew:
Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor: Hoyon Jung / Producer: Joshua Fulton / 1st Assistant Director: Cody Boesen / Chief Lighting Technician: Raphe Wolfgang / G&E Swing: Jorge Urbina, Nathan Parker / Production Sound Mixer & Boom: James Devore / Key Hair & Make Up Artist: Christina Cofran / Hair & Make Up Artist: Jennifer Fregozo / Key Wardrobe & Costume Designer: Christina Maybin / BTS Video & Photographer: Long Nguyen / PA: Justin Hogan, Jon Hogan
SF Additional Unit - 1st Assistant Director: Natasha Rivera / Production Sound Mixer & Boom: Peter Van Scherpe, David Sandwisch / PA: Lena Kwiatkowska, Seamus Boyle

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU74UtqTO_k
Official Website: www.reformationfilm.com


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