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Rear Mirror

Rear Mirror' is a short film by few newcomers which insights into the youngsters' perception of things around, until reality strikes.

Directed by - Mahesh V Menon {http://www.facebook.com/mahesh.v.menon.9}

Story & Screenplay - Sandeep Mohan {http://www.facebook.com/sandeep.mohan.7}

Cinematography - Jithesh Kumar {http://www.facebook.com/jus4ujith}

Music - Vaisakh Somanath {http://www.facebook.com/vaisakh.somanath}

Editing - L.E.Bharathi {https://www.facebook.com/#!/le.bharathi}

Designer Media - Bibin Yesbee {http://www.facebook.com/yexbee}

Rear Mirror's Facebook page


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