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Do you think a movie should always convey a message? How about a movie full of fun? Here comes a 9-minute fun-filled film. The story in short, is that man proposes, god disposes.

Personal message from Ganesh Kumar to all viewers film-maker of Ramasamy (and also 536 & Brindavan) - "Our team is overwhelmed with the instant success of our short fun film "Ramasamy" I must say that Ramasamy is not an attempt to give out great or perfect movie, but it was a sincere attempt to make the audience smile for the given time.
And from the responses, we are happy that we managed to do that. We will thrive to... give better and concept-oriented movies too with some entertainment in the future. Thanks to all who watched Ramasamy and shared their comments and promoted the video to their friends. Keep supporting us to entertain you."


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