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Doom After The Rain


Doom After The Rain

The story of the movie is about the complexity of a distopic world. A wrecked world can be unpredictable but the results are worse to stand.
A rain all of a sudden divide mankind apart. The ones who get wet in the rain and else. The ones get in the rain lose their minds. A handful of people, trying to protect themselves against both the rain and also the "crackheads"
Someone named this as the doomsday.

Who get crazy?
The ones who get wet in the rain? or,
The ones who suppose they don't?

It's no matter why it rains, it's the protection effort of the people against the rain.

Cast and Crew

Written and Directed By: Erol Çelik

Director of Photography: Mehmet İmamoğlu

Art Director
Directory asisstant: Ceren Şakar

Music composers: Koray Başaran

Voices by: Cumhur Kurucu

Written and Directed By
Erol Çelik


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