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last call costs 50 paise

last call costs 50 paise is the maiden venture of shriram.. scripted along with the assitance of hareesh kumar who is the long time class mate of shriram.. initial thought came from hareesh during class hours.... then both of them expanded the scripting of the movie for the sake of duration..primary shooting for this movie took place on march 2011 and later the project was dropped due to various reasons.. then remaining shooting was rolled again after the span of four months.. then after the immense assistance from editor of the script Prakash this project came into a new limelight...then it took into a good shape.. acted by hareesh,hari,mohan,deva and dilli, this encompasses about the urges of a spirit which tries so hard to avenge for a cause.... so it chooses a medium to do so.....


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