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பூச்செடி (Poochedi)

Meera and Raghu are married, but aren't doing well in their relationship. Mainly because Meera is the only earning member of the family, while Raghu is an aspiring writer who is trying to get his book published for quite some time now. 

Meera is stressed out and has a lot of health problems; she leaves them unattended a...nd blames Raghu's incapability to succeed and support the family, as the reason for her illness. She doesn't allow Raghu to comfort her or express his love for her, though he wishes to. The events which follow form the crux of the story. 

The film focuses on people failing to take the symptoms of a disease seriously, owing to other minor conflicts they have in their day to day life. 

Writer & Director - Rohin V
Producers - Venkatesan R
Padma Venkatesan
Cinematographer - George C Williams 
Editor - Prasanna Venkatesh G K
Sound - Deepak A P
Music - Shamanth Nag

Cast of Characters
Raghu - Ashwin Kakumanu
Meera - Aparna Ram
Meera's Friend - Nikhila Kesavan
Groom - Srikanth Sridhar
Doctor - Satish Kumar
Colleague - Venkat


Film & Animation



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