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Cast and Crew
Cast:-Prince Tiwari,Maansi.

Cinematography & Editing:- Venu Babu

Written & Directed by Krishna Sandip

This is film is shot and submitted for ILOVE PAANI short film contest. Shekar Kapur (Director of Mr.India, Elizabeth) collaborated with IIM-K to promote his upcoming big budget PAANI. the runtime of the short should be 1min or less (Additional cast and crew details are topped)

Plot :- the video presents the state of mind and confession of a mutant who can live without water ,at the very edge of a devastating catastrophic war,which actually drained the entire water in this planet.

Backstory :- a mutant ( who is toxic to water ) got a mutation and he can live without any intake of water .He is in love with a beautiful girl Maya and everything seems smooth in his life , until that day which changed the fate of mankind .The last drop of water vanished three weeks back and the strongest of humans can live up to a maximum of 3 weeks .At the end of the third week, He is gonna live all alone without his lady love ...can he take that ? Does his gift of water resistance brought the worst nightmare he never ever expected ? Can he save this world with his super human ability ? Can love bring back the hope of human survival


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