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Of Mushrooms & Men (opause)


Cast and Crew
Producers - Benjamin Murphy, Michael Develin
Director - Benjamin Murphy
Writer - Benjamin Murphy, Michael Develin, Thomas Larkin
Editor - Benjamin Murphy
Cinematographer - Benjamin Murphy

Flynn - Geoff Develin
Brian - Sam Develin/Angus Develin
Mum - Barbie Develin
Police Officer - Nick Dahlstrom
Emma - Emma Develin
Nurse - Anne Develin

Of Mushrooms and Men (opause) is set in 1998 and is about a man named Flynn (Geoff Develin) . Every day he sits at the bus shelter waiting for a ride until one day a young boy, Brian (Angus Develin, Sam Develin). The two immediately become best friends and in the year 2013 have become inseparable. One day on the usual fishing trip they come across a patch of unusual looking mushrooms and being quite ditsy the two begin to chomp down on them and what happens next we hope you will enjoy !


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