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KiPKa(Kidanna paa kandilla)

KiPKa(Kidanna paa kandilla)


Cast and Crew
Shalbin KS
Vijeesh Vijaya Ghosh
Dony Ciril Parakkuzhy
Dinoy Paulose
Binson Abraham
Arun Mohan
Manu Govind
Shalbin KS
Ajeesh Gopinathan Pillai
Meenakshi R Nair

A nice short film with relevant message to the Kerala youths who are after little little pleasures at the expense of a vibrant, dynamic and thrilling life. It once again urges youngsters to PLAY WHILE YOU PLAY and WORK WHILE YOU WORK, of course it also asserts that All that glitters is not GOLD.
Do not think that the film contains all these dragging dry pieces of advices that are often come from parents , uncles, teachers and preachers.
But it positively deals with a cruel reality that only a negligible number of youngsters in our higher education system are graduating to an adult population to whom the present generation can hand over the baton that would be passed to A RICH GREAT AND PROSPEROUS INDIA,
After watching the cinema it is a consolation to know that there are a good number guys who are very much concerned about utter failures of some
kids in colleges.They created this film by spending their money, talent, effort. time and creativity. They know the situation better, who are very near to a number of setbacks , failures and even collapses of a good number of youths who were excellent in their studies in their school days.They bring out this 'picture' into a good piece of art.
Here comes the aesthetic part of the film. It is very close to the heart of a model youngster in our campuses and very politely points out that how bad will be their position in future if they handle the present duty in a childish manner. The hero Aswin, just like a small kid writes on a wall with charcoal , scribbles his entire life as a failure. This message will be easily transmitted into the little hearts of thousands of our kids who are frustrated after burden of a baggage full of backlogs.
So this short film can be recommended to all parents, teachers and all those who are concerned , and engaged with the young generation as a MUST WATCH FILM.

page link- http://on.fb.me/1H1iV23


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