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In Between

malayalam + tamil
antholgical crime thriller

Cast and Crew
Directed by vishnu madhusudhanan and Tharun moorthy
produced by Vijay boopathy
screenplay : tharun moorthy
DOP ; athgul v .anand
editing : hari and aneesh ( creatif)
BGM : dileep and ajith

"in between" tells about 2 parallel stories, first about and tamil character met a malayali person on a road side and they started there journey together through the forest area in tamilnadu to a place name sevarkudi... in the same time a husband and wife travelling therough the fortest area..they have there own persoln worries .. at a particular point of time both stories co incident..move together....

1 Comment

  1. tharun says:

    A man on his way with a mission.
    A man with his wife on on his way to find solace.
    A man who just finds out that he was on the wrong way.
    3 people , 3 different destinies , 1 forest road and a bag full of money.
    "In Between" - an anthology film , first of its kind in malayalam short film history ,
    shows how money can play mindgames... with thrills , actions and sentiments... this is truly first of its kind


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