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If only I could fly


Cast and Crew
Srikanth Perepu
Kanchan Agarwal

Written and Directed by Mallik Ram
Edited by Shashank Srivatsavaya
Cinematography by
Vishnu Oi
Shashank Srivatsavaya
Music by Vivek Sagar
"yaad piya ki aaye" vocals by Harini Rao

If only I could fly is a bitter story of a young couple who are trying to survive each other. The relationship has lost its vigor and has been dead since a while. It has been eclipsed by their inadequacies, egos, lies and is on the verge of a breakdown and both know it. Both start seeing someone else outside the relationship, trying all means to get love. On a dreadful day, both decide to disclose it to each other. The conversation begins in a casual manner and propels into verbal war amid this impulsive pair who is challenging each other's intelligence, wit and their existence.How will this day end?


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