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Hotel Fortuna


Cast and Crew
Starring Ben Chase, Elise LeBreton, Kevin Cahill, Jami Tennille, and Jesse Gumbiner
Directed & Edited by Henry Chaisson
Written by Jem Rowe & Henry Chaisson
Cinematography by Dan Fethke
Executive Producer: Jenna Frerichs
Executive Producer: Susan Chen
Co-Producer: Neel Yalamarthy
Assistant DP: Ian Garrity
Assistant Director: Hannah Pullen-Blasnik
Sound Recordists: Lauren Cheung, Pom Bunsermvicha, & Neel Yalamarthy
Set Dresser: Erin Schwartz
Score/Sound Design: Henry Chaisson

A fatigued hitman checks into a very unusual hotel.

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  1. Jake Scharfman says:

    This is incredible! I enjoyed it so much! Very interesting spin on gambling.


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