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Father of Curiosity

Father of Curiosity



Cast and Crew
Executive Producers
Colin MacDougall + Alessio Summerfield

Daniel Oramas + Mavra Peponis

Alessio Summerfield

Assistant Director
Mavra Peponis

Alison Hora - Mother
Jillian Dickey - Cass
Robert I. Rubinsky - Perdido
Barkley - Sam

Director of Photography
Daniel Oramas

Assistant Camera
Kristofer Sims

Brock Hanson

Field Recordist
Scott Waters

Cameron Hill + American Girl Reporter

Set Photography + Graphic Design
Hilary Rochow

Location Scout + BTS
Charlie Harper

Script Supervisor
Patricia Curey

Production Assistant
Isaac Lim

Assistant to Jillian Dickey
Kristina Adler

Post Audio + Foley
Chris Cescutti
Alessio Summerfield

Art Director
Terea Abernathy

Costume Designer
Rachael Frank

Assistants to Barkley
Brandon Goebel
Barry White

Father of Curiosity is a short film about Cass, a twelve year old girl, who stumbles upon a strange wandering man, Perdido, who doesn't seem to belong in our world.

Father of Curiosity was a project that began in 2009, and ultimately was shot and produced in the Fall of 2013. Post production wrapped in Spring of 2014. Father of Curiosity began as vague recollections of a dream by writer//director Alessio Summerfield. The film was fully brought to life not only by the generous contributions and support of many gracious individuals and colleagues, but also due to the massive amount of work put into the project by a dream team of cast and crew.

Many thanks go out to everyone who assisted and contributed to this project, both mentally and physically, throughout the past three years.


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