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Fallen Brothers


Cast and Crew
Staring: Jayce Basques | Eric Perez | and David Cline
Directed and Written by: Joshua W Wagner
Produced by: Sean Penberthy | Charles Simons | Joshua W Wagner
Cinematography by: Daniel Garcia
Edited by: Joshua W Wagner
Sound Design by: Kyle D. Krajewski | Erik Bre単a
Music Composed and Orchestrated by: Aaron Prim
CREW: UPM - Angela Meyer, 1st AC - Freddy Fernandez, Sound - Ian Donnelly, Gaffer - Jonathan Park, PAs - Elizabeth Wagner and J. Ferguson, Armed Forces Advisor - Ken Chin, Make-up - Melody Kennedy and Kelsey Hallerman

An artistic look at loss, love, redemption, and forgiveness. A soldier suffering from PTSD looks to his brother to help find reason and solace during this dark time in his life.



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