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Eyes of Isaac


"When Isaac hears voices in his head, it's not because he's crazy."

Isaac's clairvoyant curse drives him against the clock to stop a serial killer before its too late. This dramatic short-film sets up a world exploring dark crime, supernatural foresight, and a heroes tale of redemption through action.

"Eyes of Isaac"
Produced in Los Angeles, CA
Budget: $200.00 (Yeah, that's right)
Fun Fact: Completed script to screen within 3 weeks.

Cast and Crew
Directed by: Brenden Wedner

Produced by: Simply Cinema LLC

Staring: Erik Orjiako, Alan Rice, Alexis Boylan, and John Garner

Original music from Keytarred And Feathered. Written by Shaun Hettinger & featuring Sheila Eden


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