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EN FREDAG AFTEN (A Friday Night)

Danish - there are youtube subtitles
Artistic short

Cast and Crew
Film produced for KNOCKKNOCK - www.knock-knock.dk

Director: Kristian Håskjold
DOP: Jonas Berlin
Grip: Christian Laursen
Production Assistant: Anna Gregorius
Sound Design: Jesper Ankarfeldt
Speak: Kevin Koch

Joshua Berman
Malte Skjoldager
Sarah J. Werner

Special thanks:
The Lab
Ole Clausen
Anna's parents
Jonas' parents
Emilie Fuglsang
Marianne Lacoppidan

EN FREDAG AFTEN (A Friday Night) is part of the project THE CURRENT where various directors submit a film each week treating a current subject. The production company KNOCKKNOCK - www.knock-knock.dk - is curating and coordinating the project. EN FREDAG AFTEN (A Friday Night) is a visual treatment of the phenomenon "Knock-out" where youth in the streets beat down random passersby for entertainment. Why do we do this? Why is violence a recurring norm in our youth culture and what does it do to our understanding of social behaviour?


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