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Dear Dad

Genre: Drama
Studio: Filter Productions

Plot Outline:

Sarah, has her own way of making people realize their mistakes. When Rick (a 30-something, single dad) discovers that his teenage daughter, Sarah, commits a prank on his boss, a series of events that involve her and two other people will throw their world upside-down and in a tail-spin, changing their lives forever.

Starring: Leandro Hernandez, Charlie Cook, Vic Mancini, Shirin Caiola, Joe Pittro, and Vinoth Perk

Directed By: Abad Leyva

Written and Produced by: Bharathwaj Vijayakumar

Music & Sound: Jose Pimentel

Director of Photography: Randall Brown III

Editing & VFX: Vinoth Perk

Dialogue & Script Supervisor: Mia Bostic

Colorist: Jeff Greco

Sound Operator: Jason SSG

Executive Producer: Renee Ritchey

Associate Producers: Leandro Hernandez, Jay McCarey, Ashok Swaminathan and Ashwin Manjunatha

Title VFX: Harish.N.S


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