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Ctrl + Life + Delete : A short film

Basic Info

Launched April 1, 2012
Release Date 2012
Genre Drama
Studio Chicago Talkies Limited
Plot Outline

CTRL + LIFE + DELETE is a story about a young man who has recently lost his job and is struggling to find the next one. He wants only the best so refuses to take up a promising offer that comes his way. He is very pessimistic about his situation and ends up offending people around him by his negativity.

An older gentleman, a complete stranger, confronts him and tries to talk him into taking contr...ol of his life. They get into a heated debate, but in the end the young guy realizes his folly and promises to fix himself. The older man turns out to be the owner of the company in which he was refusing the job.

The message is : When your computer goes into the sleep mode, you hit CTRL + ALT + DEL to log back. Likewise, your life also needs to be taken out of the sleep mode every now and then by hitting CTRL + LIFE + DELETE to unlock your life .

Starring John Lordan, Chris Froseth, Katherine Cunningham, Molly Glynn
Directed By Raza Siddiqui
Written By Raza Siddiqui
Produced By Chicago Talkies
Contact Info
Website http://www.chicagotalkies.com


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