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Crazy Like Me

After college, a depressed young woman has a quarter life crisis. Between her degrading job at a restaurant and her failed relationships with family and men, she starts seeing a therapist who turns out to be just as conventional as everyone else.

Cast and Crew
Written and Directed by Leah McKissock
Starring Carrie Finklea, Lisa Temple, Luke Edwards, and Annie Monroe
Produced by Adam Blake Carver
Co-Produced by Andrew Baron-Vartian
Director of Photography Matt Irwin
Assistant Camera Chloe Weaver
Gaffer Alex Rodriguez
Production Design by Robin Brockway
Assistant Director Alexander Jacobs
Costumes by Angelina Coscuna
Script Supervisor Kristin Rapinchuk
Music by Logan Metz & Lincoln Mendell
Edited by Leah McKissock
Colorist Gareth Cook
Sound Design by Ross Goldman
VFX and Titles by Andrew Hakim


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