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Celebrity Status

This is a film about Mandy Poke, a young actress who has moved to the city from her rural community to become a star. Like most struggling actors, she meets resistance and has very little luck...that is, until she crosses paths with a cute filmmaker who is on the verge of his next masterpiece. He sees the potential in Mandy, and decides to cast her as the lead in his next film.

A romantic interest sparks between the two, and lines are blurred between filmmaker and star, "boy" and "girl". It seems Mandy’s life is finally coming together, but fate has a way of playing tricks on her, as she's faced with tragic obstacles to overcome if she hopes to make this her breakout role.

This script is an examination of what’s important in life: love or fame, and whether or not it's possible to have both. In our world, which is driven by celebrity, we can sometimes lose sight of true love, and in the end destroy the very thing that's most important to us.



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