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The Bust

Our applicant for the My RØDE Reel 2017 competition. The Bust is an action-comedy set in a classic warehouse drug deal. But as the characters


A young girl's internal struggle is expressed through a contemporary dance. Director   Roman Gubin Director Roman Gubin Writer Roman Gubin Producer Edward Gubin Producer

Dee Gal

a teen age girl who is into drugs - mescaline/peyote which gives hallucinations - has alter ego and she is responsible to take care of

A beautiful sunday

A couple goes for a sunday ride at countryside, until they've been involved at an accident ,and soon they realize, that there is no easy

Wind Back

A sealed door divides a little boy from his mother. He will go to great lengths to be with her, but when that barrier breaks down,


Michael is out walking when he meets Jack, who is stuck in a tree but refuses any help. Michael realises there’s more to Jack’s story.

City of my heart

  A personal glimpse into Madrid, an experimental urban cityscape, an ode to life through a dance. Kostas Petsas Director Arte Cinematica Producer Elena García

The Contract

English Thriller Synopsis James learns that the parties must obey the terms written in the contract and perform their contract duties as stated. Failure to

Black and Blue

English Drama Synopsis This unlikely detective duo attempt to solve a major crime and find common ground. Will they make it through the day or


English Drama Synopsis A short about how the bravest thing any of us ever does is reveal ourselves to another person--and how that's also our