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Beyond Rebirth


Sci-Fi Action

Cast and Crew
Director, Cinematographer, Editor, VFX: Philip R. Forteza

Starring: Jonathan Tran, Henry Arnsten, Richard Forteza, Chloe Xu, Robbie Corrbet, Henry Thielen.

Stunts: Cody Davis, Travis Hall, Andrew J. Niess, Vinicious Silva, Mami Speede,

Fight Choreographer: Philip R. Forteza, Jonathan Tran

Terry is a reformed troubled youth with a deeply engrained sense for justice. After a tragic event one evening he is forced down a path that will take him beyond revenge and become something greater than he though he ever could be.

Beyond Rebirth is a fan film based off of the animated series Batman Beyond. Beyond Rebirth is not affiliated or endorsed by DC comics or Warner Bros. Beyond Rebirth is a non-profit short film made by fans who love and respect the series. We hope you enjoy!


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