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Abad Leyva Cupaimo

Lets make movies! Lets write them, lets shoot them, lets share them!
Abad Cupaimo is a film director and writer who has worked in different genres, from comedy to drama. Cupaimo has participated in a few film festivals around the world, and collaborating with different production teams in California USA, Chicago USA, Mexico, Central America and Spain. He is also the winner for Best Screenplay for short film at Huesca Short Film Festival 2010, where he was also nominated as best short film and best director for his short film "Loud Demons". Cupaimo's most recent work is the short film "Dear Dad", written by Bharathwaj Vijay (VJ) and shot in locations in Chicago IL during the winter of 2011. VJ and Cupaimo just finished a second script wich will be shot in Chicago IL in summer 2012. He keeps on writing and looking for people as passionate as him to keep on working.