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One day, at the front, when a heavy fight takes place, Pieter watches anxiously back at his live, like the fear for telling the girl


This story is ; an orphaned , and grandmother live with a girl , in the metropolis in the stage show makeup artist , and

Sky is not empty!

For centuries, the people of the North of Iran use traditional ways of hunting birds (catching quietly), but the way of hunting called Doma or

Triangles of Happiness

Hanne and Carsten are desperately trying to keep up with the illusion of a happy family life to their nosy neighbors. They used be just

Spirit Board

Tonight is our Mother's anniversary. We contact her every year on this day. Hi short-filmz.com! Shot in 6 hours and edited in less than a

Looking for

“Looking for” is a satire animation short a puppet chasing its life goal that is not driven by personal will but by a mystery force.


Hotshot painter Dylan Cooper throws a party after a first triumphant gallery showing of his work. Many people have come to celebrate his success, but

Mano a Mono

A man has returned home and is unable to find his wife, he sets about solving the mystery of why he can't find her, during

The Gentleman

Picture about different generations views on the current political processes in Russia. As well as the love of an adult son to the stepmother. The


From San Quentin's death row, a convicted killer tells the gripping, tragic story of his life and crimes. When the day of his execution arrives,