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Of Duckpins and Destinies

Of Duckpins and Destinies English Documentary Synopsis “Of Duckpins and Destinies” takes viewers to Monaca, Pennsylvania, “the town that bent the Ohio river,” where the


Tamil Horror/Thriller Synopsis Poodagam is a twisted tale involving an actor, director and producer.What's reality? What's not? Cast and Crew Starring : Santhosh Kumar, Udayakumar,Jacob


Others Hindi thriller Synopsis This short film, Selfieism converse about an average Indian citizen, who only intent to eliminate the injustice and violence happening in


English Sci-Fi Animation Synopsis In this animated CG short, an astronaut embarks on a deep-space mission to find alien life on a distant planet. Cast


English Horror/Thriller Jenn lives in an underground bunker with her family, protected from the monsters that now ravage the world. This is the day that

The Lily

Soundtrack: Title: 'Alone in a Row" Performed by Jeff Beal 2011 Jeff Beal Synopsis Beloté's first short film, starring Suyash Mehta, Omkar Gavand. The film's


English Science Fiction Drama Synopsis Retrofit is set in the near future, when death is just a new beginning for those who can afford it.


Others HINDI EVERY STORY WITH LOVE IS NOT SUCCESSFUL IT DEPENDS!!!!!!!! Synopsis THE DEBUT is a enhancing short film by deepuu about love with clear