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Archive for March 2015

A Lego Cop Story

Tamil Animation A crook is in jail and two of his friends are trying to save him. Did they save him ? Or did the

F is for Fear

English Experimental Exposé on an individual's loneliness & relationship with the internet Cast and Crew Written, directed, edited by Kyle Fowler Performance by Kyle Fowler

The Water

English Experimental The Water is about an individual with subtle signs of autism. It's an interpretation of the world this individual has to face/experience and


English Drama-Thriller Synopsis A modern take on Aesop's fable and the two brother's who learn from it. (The frog and the scorpion.) Cast and Crew

A Portrait Of Wild

English Drama Synopsis This is a film about love and the impact that a legacy left behind has on ones youth. Cast and Crew Director:

Valhalla Blues

English Comedy Synopsis Ed (Mike Flavin) and James (Ted Neda) are two venturesome youths with questionable intentions. Driven by their highly developed sense of honor,


English Dark Comedy Synopsis Olav Zanger is a solitary fisherman that seeks revenge on the 'Dimpled Chin Schlock Fish', a psychopathic creature that leaps out


English Promotion War, Drama. Synopsis During the WWII many dogs that had nothing to do with the affairs of men contributed their unconditional support and

Crazy Like Me

English Promotion Drama Synopsis After college, a depressed young woman has a quarter life crisis. Between her degrading job at a restaurant and her failed