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12 AM

Alex and Margret are about to get married. However, they got a supernatural issue to deal with before they get their love back

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Movie : 12 : AM
Type : Short Film
Length : 15 Minutes
Genre : Fantasy Thriller
Subtitles : Yes (English)
Synopsis : A gonna be married couple has to overcome a supernatural issue to get their love back
Cast : Harinathan Venkatesh (Suttakadhai Lead)
Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli (Suttakadhai Lead)
Aroul Djody (From Balumahendra School)
Written and Directed by : Aravindh C
Produced by : Vanitha Pictures
DOP : David Cinematographer (Asst. Camera : NN & Suttakadhai)
Music : Ashwath Naganathan (Nalanum Nandhiniyum)
SFX : Suresh Deva
Editing : Jerome Alen (Nalanum Nandhiniyum) Asst. : Govi Raj
Sound mix : Abin Pushpakaran
DI : Prism n Pixel
Co Director : Madhav Nash
Direction Team : Shiju Alex , Lourd Mary , Sri Kanth G
Lyrics : Aravindh C
Designs : Madurai Muniez ( Zelot Muniez Photography )
Stills : Still Raja


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